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A remote work veteran of 25+ years, Cynthia Spraggs Watson shows remote teams how to execute their projects successfully...

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Cynthia Spraggs Watson

Leading expert on remote team performance

Cynthia Spraggs Watson was never cut out to work in an office. She has spent her entire career leading complex projects with virtual teams around the world. She currently serves as the CEO of Virtira – a virtual company focused on helping virtual teams work more efficiently. Her consultants and team members are located in every corner of Canada and other parts of the world. While many of them work from isolated rural areas, they are connecting and leading teams across the globe.

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How to Work From Home - Book Cover

The Book

How to Work From Home and Actually Get Sh*t Done unlocks the secrets to making virtual teams and remote work efficient. You will find out why webcams and emails are overrated, learn how to lead high-performance distributed teams, communicate virtually with impact and authority, be fierce in your quest for accountability across business projects, and attain that coveted work-life balance. By putting these practical tips into action, you’ll reboot your remote work life and maybe even say goodbye to the office forever!


Virtual Team Support

Cynthia’s company, Virtira, is a leading expert on remote team performance. By implementing best practices, structures, and process through team management and consulting, Virtira makes remote employees and teams more effective. With over 1,000 engagements in the past decade, no one understands remote work better.

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