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“The best people, the best intentions, hours of sweat, and bona fide project management knowhow just aren’t enough when it comes to optimizing virtual team performance.”

About Virtira

Cynthia is the CEO of Virtira – Canada’s leading expert on remote team performance. Virtira implements best practices, structure and process to make remote employees and teams more productive. With over 1,000 engagements, no one understands remote work better.

Typical management and project methods and tools only go so far in making virtual projects a success. Why? Because virtual teams don’t work the same way co-located teams do. Virtira’s proprietary solutions, real time dashboards and virtual team support models developed through years of experience and research keep everyone on track, regardless of where they are working from.

Managing the complexities of leading virtual teams shifts the burden away from capacity-stretched managers, freeing them to focus on strategy. Virtira’s priority is to maximize your team’s results all while ensuring due dates, deliverables, team meetings, and follow-up are on track.

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